4 proven methods to digital adoption

Want to speed up your software adoption but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, because you’re not alone. According to 1E, companies waste on average 38% of their software budget on unused or infrequently used software. So how do you go about it? 

With a digital adoption solution, you can conduct interactive software training, real-time user onboarding, integrated software communication, and embedded application support, all in one place. FInd 4 proven methods to successful digital adoption we selected below.

Let’s get started!

1. Software training: opt for interactive guides

Only 12% of learners apply what they learn in training on the job. (Source: 24×7 Learning)

If your tools are underutilized or even worse abandoned, your training might be to blame. Many companies continue to implement employee software training with user manuals or e-learning modules. So what’s the problem? Advances in technology mean these methods simply aren’t suited to the challenges faced by employees today. First, because of the length of time required for traditional training alongside their core tasks. And second, because of ineffective and outdated training methods available. So what new methods can be adopted to compensate for inadequate software training? 

The first proven method of digital adoption is interactive software training. Learning with interactive training modules increases employee engagement through a method of ‘learning by doing’ or learning in action. But what does it mean in practice?

Software training: opt for interactive guides

With the Lemon Learning digital adoption platform, companies can provide interactive software training to all their employees. How does it work? From their CRM, ERP, Purchasing, or HRIS software, employees have access to interactive guides on-demand. By following these step-by-step interactive guides, employees receive real-time support, learning how to use their software in just a few clicks. Thanks to a simple, incremental, and rapid learning process, employees improve information retention, making better use of their software. The result? Fewer software errors, increased self-sufficiency, and improved daily performance!




2. User onboarding on demand

The second proven method of digital adoption is on-demand user onboarding. The principle? Instant onboarding, accessible in real-time, from the very first use. But why is the first use so significant? It’s simple: first impressions shape the probability of adoption.  

Supporting your users from their first interaction with your tools allows you to reduce user churn by 67% (Source: Huffington Post). 

Entering software for the first time is a decisive moment for employees, directly impacting their probability of long-term adoption. That’s why it’s in your best interest to improve user onboarding. When your software evolves with new features and integrations, your onboarding should immediately reflect these changes. Frequently overlooked, updated software training is a key to preventing skills obsolescence. With digital adoption platforms, employees can benefit from personalized user onboarding from their very first use. Here’s how it works.

User onboarding: empower your employees from their first use 

Thanks to its system of interactive onboarding guides, Lemon Learning gives employees autonomy from their very first use. Whatever their role, language, or profession, employees have access to customized support. And what better way to feel at ease in a new environment than with a customized solution! A new tool, feature, or process to integrate? Onboarding your employees couldn’t be simpler, adapting to daily challenges for a better user and employee experience! 


3. Communication integrated directly into the software

Communication is vital for digital adoption but is also one of the more problematic pillars of change management.

Among these projects are your software projects. While it is essential to communicate with your collaborators during the implementation of new software, there is a particular way to do it. This third method of digital adoption is direct communication integrated into the software.

Interactive communication: engage your users from their tools

With Lemon Learning, you can communicate with your employees directly from their tools! But how? Thanks to push notifications and tooltips, software users have direct access to communication support at the touch of a button. Employees receive a welcome message from their first use and subsequent tooltips to indicate new features and all in real-time. The result? Reduced employee resistance, skills obsolescence prevention, and increased software commitment!




4. Embedded application support

When tackling software adoption, there’s one essential element: support. And for good reason, the quality of support directly affects the user experience and the adoption of software. Today, companies face numerous support challenges because:

  • Support is not always available or accessible to employees
  • There are too many support requests
  • Support response times are too long
  • Support is too expensive

The fourth proven method for digital adoption is to address these challenges with a support adapted to modern software issues (accessibility, real-time availability, speed of response). With a digital adoption solution, support is embedded – directly integrated into your software with 24/7 access. Better still, it also integrates with your existing support tools such as Zendesk or ServiceNow!


Software support: help your users in real-time

With the Lemon Learning embedded application support, your employees are equipped with all the keys to handle their software independently. Whether it’s a Salesforce CRM, Cornerstone HRIS, Oracle ERP or Ivalua Purchasing IS, your employees have a library of interactive on-demand guides to get the information they need, when they need it. The result? Fewer functional support requests, better handling of tools, and improved software experience! 


Now you know 4 proven methods for successful digital adoption, take action! Whether your employees use an HRIS, an ERP, a CRM, or a Purchasing IS, software adoption is essential to ensure the performance of your teams in the era of digital transformation. 

Software adoption is more than ever, a strategic issue for companies to tackle new tools and the growing rate of digital transformation. Discover how Lemon Learning helps companies accelerate their digital adoption. Or get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you might have!



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