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- Updated on 27/05/2021

Why Digital Adoption Platform is a Must-Have

You’re wondering why your teams are struggling to handle their software tools? You’re having a hard time engaging your employees? What if the key was to train them directly from their software?

At the crossroads of digital transformation, change management and innovation, digital adoption platforms (DAPs) aim to help users better use their software solutions. Here’s why you should use them to help your employees master their software on a daily basis.


What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A digital adoption platform is a digital solution that is integrated directly into business software to guide users step by step through interactive guides. With their Self-Service Support system, DAPs enable users to learn independently, in real time, and directly from their software (ERP, HRIS, E-Procurement, CRM or even an in-house tools accessible online).


Digital Adoption Platform: a Must for Digital Transformation


Having software tools is nice, knowing how to use them is better


HRIS, CRM, ERP, intranet… employees use countless software tools on a daily basis. Now more than ever, they must learn to master their software in no time, otherwise their performance will be severely impacted. And because your employees don’t all have the same computer skills, that software solutions change and that features are constantly added, it is important to provide a solution that is suitable for everyone.

By supporting the user step by step in the assimilation of their software, digital adoption platforms (DAP) put people back at the heart of digital transformation. And for good reason, this now essential issue for companies, and essential to their sustainability, depends on a key factor: the ability of employees to take control of their software. But why can using software adoption platforms help you jumpstart digital transformation?


Digital Adoption Platform (DAP): GPS navigation for your software

Are you afraid of investing in yet another tool that will be overlooked by your employees? Then change your strategy! If your tools are used so little, it’s simply because they do not meet the needs of your users.

28% of software installed on workstations is unused - 1E

Among other things, tools are no exception to the first impression rule: the first experience we have of a software greatly affects whether or not we use it.

By integrating directly into your software, digital adoption platforms allow you to support your users right from the start: as soon as they open their tools. No need to go out of their CRM or the intranet to get answers: the information is where they are! In addition, accompanying your users from start to finish of their browsing also enables you to reduce your churn by 67% (Huffington Post)!


The Learning by Doing solution by Lemon Learning 

At Lemon Learning, we believe that you never learn better than by doing. This is the reason why our solution is based on the pedagogy of Learning by Doing. The principle? Your employees have access to interactive guides directly from their software tools. Thanks to this method, they navigate independently and get to the information they need just when they need it!


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Guide your users in real time thanks to Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP)

Are your teams overwhelmed by support tickets? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. On average, corporate support teams take 24.2 hours to respond to internal tickets (source: Zendesk). That’s enough to discourage your users from continuing to use their software solutions.


With digital adoption platforms, jet lag is over. You support your employees at every step of their journey: from creating a sales campaign, to issuing an invoice, including requesting leave. Your users have access to the content they want when they need it to work! By supporting your users in real time, your teams gain in productivity and your support decreases considerably.


Create tailor-made training journeys in no time

Would you like to dive into a 100-page manual on how to use a feature? Well, it's exactly the same for your users. In fact, this is the best way to create frustrations related to software tools and therefore to increase your user churn. But how can you create personalized training journeys without wasting a lot of time?

Thanks to digital adoption platforms, you can customize your training according to the business needs of your company. Better still, you can update your training in case of upgrades to your applications!


Lemon Learning : personalization within everyone’s reach

With Lemon Learning, you can personalise your guides according to the role, the department or the country of the collaborators. No need for technical skills: you can create different content in just a few clicks (yes, no less)!


Salesforce Lightning Research Interactive Guide

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As you will have realised, digital adoption platforms have a lot to offer you! Time, budget, performance but also employee experience: digital adoption platforms are now essential to help you support your employees throughout your digital transformation and change management journey.

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