The Tooltips feature is a pop-up used to deploy messages or guides anywhere inside a platform’s interface. It provides specific and timely information to users according to task, page or user profile (e.g survey, message, new feature, new guide, announcement). A Tooltip provides contextual information to users as they navigate a software. A Tooltip can support users in a variety of ways with one objective: to guide the user through a tool. 

What does a Tooltip look like? 

The Tooltip icon appears as an ‘i’ for information within a speech bubble, for easy identification. Tooltips appear according to task, page or user and are activated with a click:

Tooltips are discreet and provide short, quick pieces of information to help accompany a user. 

What are the different types of Tooltips? 

A Tooltip provides information about a specific area of a software.

A Tooltip can fulfil different goals: 

  • Inform the user by providing additional information when entering a text.
  • Validate a data entry by indicating the fields to be filled in and the expected information.
  • Provide access to an interactive guide by launching a function of the guide.

How is a Tooltip created?

A Tooltip is created in the Lemon Learning editor. Editors can create or modify a Tooltip without the need of code.

A Tooltip can be placed anywhere in an interface, and on any target. The editor selects and authors its position, text, and triggers. 

What are the benefits of a Tooltip?

A Tooltip makes it possible to launch a targeted message or guide, anywhere in a software interface. Its goal is to boost engagement and guidance for improved handling and overall digital adoption.

A Tooltip benefits include:

  • Deployment according to task, page, or user profile
  • Pop-up deployment anywhere in a software interface
  • Tailored user guidance

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