Lemon Learning is a Technology Leader in the Spark Matrix 2021 report

Spark Matrix

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has named Lemon Learning one of the Technology Leaders of 2021 in the Spark Matrix report. 

Lemon Learning’s place in the Spark Matrix report

Lemon Learning is in the “Technology Leaders”, category of the Spark Matrix report. The evaluation criteria are based primarily on the quality of the solution’s technology and the impact of the solution on the customer.

How does Lemon Learning’s digital adoption platform stand out? The solution integrates as an overlay to guide users step-by-step through their software with interactive guides, instructional segmentation and push notifications. Lemon Learning has more than 120 clients and over a million users worldwide.  


The Spark Matrix report

The Spark Matrix report evaluates solutions in the digital adoption platform market for 12 months on points including:

  • market trends for the year
  • key figures
  • performance evaluations of solutions
  • detailed expert analysis of upcoming market trends
  • short and long-term growth opportunities for the solutions

It highlights the importance of digital adoption platforms in the digital transformation of companies, and evaluates the points of each player in the market.

Find out more about Lemon Learning’s position within the Spark Matrix report.