Guide to Procurement Digital Transformation

Digitalisation des achats

Discover our in-depth guide to achieving sustainable Procurement digital transformation. In this guide, you’ll find the ‘ins and outs’ of essential procurement transformation from selecting the software, right through to deployment. 

You will receive:

Actionable step-by-step support through the stages of transformation.

Expert advice* from professionals across Purchasing, change management, and digital adoption.

Real use cases, challenges, checklists, and even fun facts to apply our advice to your project.

* With expert advice from Cédric Le Savéant (Technicolor), Sandrine Deblais (Klee Group), Benoit Portevin (Althea), Cédric Guillouet (Oxalys), Mickaël Malot (Axys Consultants), Thomas Decamp (Proactis) and our very own CEO Pierre Leroux (Lemon Learning)!



As the Marketing Director at Lemon Learning, I am passionate about the software industry and the innovative technologies that make it up. My interest in the field only continues to grow, and I love exploring the latest trends to provide effective solutions to our clients. Always on the lookout for new developments, I enjoy sharing my discoveries and insights through my articles on our blog. I am convinced that innovation is the key to success in this constantly evolving industry.