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Altran helped users prepare for changes in their HRMS portal with Lemon Learning

Altran & Lemon Learning


Optimize use of the HR management portal in preparation for its future development.


Lemon Learning was fully integrated in Altran’s HRMS platform in France:

12,000 internal users

offered step-by-step guidance

Multiple departments

across which the solution has been deployed

Reduced support costs

seen as early as the first months of use

"After a few months of using Lemon Learning in the employee portal, I do not regret for a minute my choice of this solution, on the one hand because the feedback from our users is very positive, and on the other hand because our internal support teams are already receiving fewer questions on using the portal."

Emmanuelle Gérand, HR & Change Management Project Manager, Altran France

The Challenge

In order to develop its HRIS portal used daily by 12,000 users to submit time-off requests or to declare their working hours, Altran France called on Lemon Learning. As the existing portal was not sufficiently user-friendly, it became time-consuming for support teams to manage. The group therefore wished to better support its employees to foster better software adoption and to prepare employees for future evolutions of the portal.


The challenge for Altran: to find a solution to deploy content on a large scale to support all employees in all departments of the group in France.

Lemon Learning's solution

Altran leaned on the expertise of the Lemon Learning teams during the technical implementation and project framing phases. Once trained, Altran solution managers were able to take ownership of the tool independently while benefiting from regular check-ins.


The Lemon Learning solution was implemented as an impactful change management system within the different departments of Altran France. Beyond the real-time support of thousands of employees using the HRIS portal, Lemon Learning has enabled Altran to communicate directly with their teams from the HR portal thanks to the push notification functionality. The result? Better visibility of messages, distributed to the right users.


Altran’s support teams have also seen positive results. Where they previously spent a significant amount of their time correcting data entry errors or manually handling certain processes, Lemon Learning now reduces support costs through automation and industrialization of tasks. The benefits are felt both by administrators (streamlining content updates, segmentation of profiles, etc.) and by end users (form field auto-filling, auto-correction, etc.).


In short, Lemon Learning has combined the immediate mastery of tools without the need for time-consuming in-person training with a view to the long term for sustainable and lasting change management that benefits all stakeholders in the company.

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Altran helped users prepare for changes in their HRMS portal with Lemon Learning

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