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DPD accelerated user adoption of Octime with Lemon Learning

DPD & Lemon Learning


Simplify and improve the use of an HRIS tool


Integration of Lemon Learning in DPD France’s HRIS system comprises:

50 interactive guides

created collaboratively with Lemon Learning’s engineers

Hundreds of users trained

on Octime


fewer support requests

"Before deploying Lemon Learning, we often heard users saying our time management tool was difficult to use. Today, we no longer hear it. The benefit of Lemon Learning is having been able to transform complicated or rarely-used tasks into simple ones.”

Karim Gozzi, HR Director, DPD France

The Challenge

With nearly 2,200 employees in France, DPD France has implemented Octime, an HRIS solution for managing employee data: monitoring working hours, managing time off requests, etc.


Faced with users struggling to work with the tool, especially its main users, sector managers who are often on the move, many tutorials were developed to train Octime users. However, these tutorials created unsustainable new versions to update each time new features appear. DPD France therefore called on Lemon Learning to help employees use the tool efficiently while making updating tutorials and training materials less time consuming for trainers.

Lemon Learning's solution

Lemon Learning offered a customized solution compatible with DPD’s technologies. Users immediately adopted it thanks to its ease of use and engaging nature. Today, some use it as an everyday tool to make better use of the HRIS software and refer to it often to resolve  questions.


The interactive guides provided personalized and step-by-step training for Octime users who were not familiar with HR procedures, regardless of their technological skills.


The DPD France teams were able to independently create robust guide content and manage their platform, while counting on the training and support of Lemon Learning from the design phase through to deployment. Lemon Learning offers ongoing support through statistical analysis of guide use in the back office to optimize content.


With Lemon Learning, there’s no need to re-edit documents and screenshots for each little update: Training teams easily create updatable content from the editor. A well-used tool means fewer mistakes for the HR teams to correct and timely payroll for employees. And for IT teams, time is better spent on support to higher value-added projects.

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