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Nexity chose Lemon Learning to support the adoption of their new ticketing tool

Nexity & Lemon Learning


Support the adoption of a new ticketing tool


Integration of Lemon Learning in Nexity’s newly-implemented ticketing tool:

30+ interactive guides


350 users trained

to use the ticketing tool

Decreased support

requests for internal teams

3 new projects in process

following the success of the first deployment

"Lemon Learning is a disruptive tool that completely breaks the codes of change management: in addition to the interactive guides that are deployed from the tool, there is this dimension of communication integrated directly in the internal software that means no one misses important information"

Pierre Leboyer, Training Project Manager Nexity Residential Real Estate

The Challenge

By becoming a service platform focused on customer needs in addition to its real estate development business, Nexity acquired new internal software to support its transformation and offer the best customer experience.


Nexity, which has already deployed a variety of digital tools, wanted to onboard all users in the adoption of this new tool. The goal is twofold: to support change management internally and to enable new employees to be trained as soon as they arrive, in advance of face-to-face training.

Lemon Learning's solution

For Nexity, the real added value of Lemon Learning is the integration of interactive guides directly within the tools employees use every day. All have benefited from learning in real-life situations, with training available at any time without having to leave the tool.


Nexity’s teams designed the guides, and Lemon Learning provided ongoing support throughout the project, both during the technical phases and during the educational design.


Updating the content of interactive guides has never been easier. No need to republish documents and screenshots: with Lemon Learning, the contents of the guides are adaptive and easily updated from the editor. Add to this the Tooltips feature, fully customizable tips triggered by specific user actions.


Lemon Learning offers a three-in-one tool (player, editor, back office), with multiple guides deployed and detailed metrics to analyze and optimize the performance of content to jumpstart the training and onboarding of new employees at Nexity. And what’s more, with guides available at any time, Lemon Learning guides also allow all employees to prepare for or complete their trainings independently.

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Nexity chose Lemon Learning to support the adoption of their new ticketing tool

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