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Randstad equips 4,500 employees with Lemon Learning to accelerate user adoption of G Suite

Randstad & Lemon Learning


Accelerate the adoption of digital tools by 4,500 users


How did Randstad and Lemon Learning collaborate?

4,500 users

supported daily in their operational tools

All Randstad offices

Solution deployed in all Randstad offices in France

2 new projects

in progress following a successful first launch

"The little bonus of Lemon Learning is the ease of use for administrators and the simplicity and discovery for users, who are guided step by step."

Olivier Lepoivre, Digital Workplace Manager, Randstad France

The Challenge

A major player in recruitment in France and around the world, Randstad has thousands of employees spread across different group entities with a common IT environment. In order to improve the adoption of certain digital tools, Randstad wanted a solution that could be integrated directly into employees’ platforms so that they did not have to leave to learn.


Randstad uses Lemon Learning to support 4,500 employees directly from the tools they use every day. G Suite was the first suite of tools on which the Lemon Learning solution was deployed for Randstad.

Lemon Learning's solution

One of the major reasons for the quick adoption of Lemon Learning by Randstad employees is its non-intrusive and intuitive nature: the discrete player integrates within the tools that employees use daily and allows them to simplify their routine thanks to a progressive and context-based support, like GPS navigation for software features. And content is always available on demand, thus offering users complete autonomy.


In addition to training, Randstad took advantage of an essential feature of the Lemon Learning solution, push notifications, the effectiveness of which was immediately clear from the back office: Guide viewing soared each time a push notification was published. The analytics available in Lemon Learning offer significant benefits to administrators, making it easy to track and measure the use of content in order to optimize its creation and distribution for ever more relevant communication to the right users at the right time.


Thanks to its quick and easy installation, the Lemon Learning solution integrates well with many market tools as well as organizations’ unique internal tools of any nature. Quickly adopted by Randstad employees, the Lemon Learning solution was later deployed on Salesforce and an internal video recruitment tool. The goal remains the same: to accompany users step-by-step throughout their journey.

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