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Empower your teams
in the Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation implicates everyone’s involvement, even your employees. Lemon Learning simplifies the adoption of new technologies within your organization. How? Thanks to a digital adoption platform (DAP) that supports your users on a daily basis on all their tools.

Improve user adoption of your software and simplify the digital transformation

56% of employees believe they do not have the skills required today to master digital technologies (source: Randstad). In an era of constant technological change, the digitization of processes and habits has become a critical lever of success for employees and organizations alike.


Lemon Learning revolutionizes software use, supporting thousands of employees around the world towards accelerated software adoption. Thanks to interactive guides integrated into their everyday tools, Lemon Learning supports your users step-by-step with applied GPS guidance.

Our 3-in-1 solution enables you to train your employees in new business processes and the application functionalities, to interact continually by communicating the right message at the right time, and to offer the support they need, without needing to leave their tool.

Why Lemon Learning
  • A better digital experience at the heart of your organization
  • Less frustration with software 
  • Less resistance to change thanks to personalized support
  • Drastically reduced training time for new tools and business processes
  • Increased productivity on a daily basis

Give users support on every applications

No matter what software your users require, offer them easily-accessible, relevant help available precisely when they need it, tailored to their needs. Lemon Learning integrates directly within their tools to provide streamlined help without interrupting users’ workflow, boosting productivity.

Engage your users on digital tools

Choosing the right tools is only the first step. Your teams need to use them! Thanks to training in real-life scenarios, available on-demand, empower your employees to advance their digital expertise, interact regularly, and reduce frustration when faced with software usage.

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation

Simplify the migration to new digital tools and processes thanks to Lemon Learning. Our interactive guides integrate directly within your software tools to deliver tailored, step-by-step GPS navigation-like guidances to users.