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Reduce support costs thanks to better adoption
of digital tools

Guide users step by step through each and every feature of your tools, when and where they need it, and reduce the daily burden on your support teams.

Support on-demand: Eliminate frustration with your digital tools

It can take an average of 24.2 hours for support teams to respond to internal tickets (source: Zendesk). As digital tools become more and more numerous in the workplace, your employees need to be able to quickly and efficiently resolve problems they encounter with their applications as they arise.


Lemon Learning’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) helps your users advance independently through their software features, without seeking out support teams’ assistance. A question about a business process? Difficulties filling out CRM fields? Lemon Learning’s interactive guides deliver the answers users’ need, in the moment and in their platform, without having to leave the tool.

The main advantage of our applied GPS-like solution? It’s always available. Lemon Learning offers assistance even when your support teams are unavailable off-hours. And you can interact and engage continually with employees to stay connected.

Why Lemon Learning
  • Better adoption of digital tools 
  • Interactive support available at all times (24/7)
  • Significantly reduced support costs from day 1
  • Compatible with all your web applications
  • Quick integration with a simple JavaScript code or browser extension

Simple and fast to deploy

Integrate Lemon Learning into any and all of your web applications in just a few clicks, including solutions developed in-house! Lemon Learning deploys securely directly within your digital platforms through a plugin or a simple line of JavaScript code. And in no time at all, your teams will be trained on how to use the whole solution.

Significantly reduce support costs

What used to be time-consuming is made quick and efficient with Lemon Learning. Your users have the information they need right where they need it - within their tools. As a result, your support teams have fewer Level 1 and Level 2 requests to process, resulting in a significant reduction in your support costs.

User independence on digital tools

Empower your employees to independently access training in real-life situations. Interactive content is available at all times through Lemon Learning’s library of guides, even (or especially!) when your support teams are not available.