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Boost Employee Productivity and User Engagement
with In-App, Real-Time Guides

An all-in-one resource for your users, on all their key software tools.

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use
Interact directly with your users

Optimize your team’s user experience thanks to interactive, on-demand content.

In-App Interactive Walkthroughs

Lemon Learning guides your users in real time, on any web-based tool or application. Tooltips appear according to task, page, or even user profile offering tailored step-by-step guidance. It’s GPS navigation for your software!

24-Hour Resource Library

Your users learn independently thanks to on-demand Lemon Learning content, available where they need it, when they need it. Fully searchable guides put all the answers at your users’ fingertips.

Tailored, Customized Content

Guide content is adapted to the unique needs of a user profile or a given context. Put simply, users benefit from bespoke support.

Stay in touch

Easily reach users thanks to in-app messaging (welcome message, new features annoucement, etc.) and increase their engagement on your tool. Messages or guides can be launched from tooltips placed anywhere in your tool's interface. Push notifications can be sent at a precise moment to specific users.

Discover new features
  • Movable and customizable pop-ups
  • Guides display according to actions, thanks to Smart Launcher and Quick Widget
  • Streamlined, accurate data entry thanks to Data Checker
Easily create new content

Create tailored content fast through a simple editing platform. No technical expertise required!

Easy-to-Use Editor

Create personalized content in just a few clicks. There’s no need to code: the intuitive editing platform facilitates automated and intelligent content creation. 

Evolving Content

No need to constantly update your training manuals and 200-page PDFs! Your content evolves along with you and your tool’s functionalities. Update your materials in a matter of clicks, not pages.

Support On All Platforms

Thanks to our unique detection algorithm, your content automatically adjusts to any software, whether a CRM, ERP, HR application, or even proprietary in-house tools.

Discover new features
  • Content personalization
  • Integration of media and dynamic elements in guides
  • Ready-made guides available for turnkey content 
Manage thousands of users in just a few clicks

Juggle multiple projects and measure your results to ensure your users receive personalized and relevant support.

Multi-Project Management

Tackle dozens of projects at once without dropping the ball. Our intuitive dashboard shows a complete overview of all your projects, users, and guides.

Optimized User Management

Adapt your content according to each user’s role, department, language, or location for a customized learning experience. Lemon Learning is designed with large organizations in mind, making deployment for thousands of users simple.

Manual or Automated Translation

Our integrated translated feature makes adapting content to your users’ language needs simple. Whether automated or manually translated, you keep full control over your content.

Advanced Analytics

Get relevant insights into what's working well or not. Assess how your users interact with their resources thanks to clear, practical statistics.

Discover new features
  • Segment users and profiles with tags
  • Tailored training programs
  • Ready-to-use Push Notification templates
Lemon Learning works with any application accessible
from a web browser
Integrate Lemon Learning in your daily tools in just minutes

Thanks to innovative proprietary technologies, integration is easy. Apply Lemon Learning in any software platform - whether you use market-leading tools or in-house applications. Integration is achieved securely in just a few clicks. Our powerful detection algorithm offers up-to-the-minute adaptation, creating connections between millions of pages so your guides are always immediately at-hand.

Simplified Integration
  • Integration via plugin or simple JavaScript code
  • Available in software marketplaces
  • Available on all web browsers
  • Installation tailored to the security and deployment needs of the most demanding organizations