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Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

Digital adoption platform: definition

A digital adoption platform (DAP) is an onboarding, training, and support software that can integrate directly into web-based applications and software. It supports users in the handling of digital tools using a library of interactive resources and features (interactive guides, push notifications, etc). A digital adoption platform guides users step-by-step, through their digital tools to ensure effective and efficient user adoption. Long term, a digital adoption platform facilitates sustainable digital transformation within companies. 


How a digital adoption platform works

A digital adoption platform integrates with any type of software accessible from a web browser, via a browser extension or a line of code integrated into the tool. 

The platform integrates itself over a CRM, ERP, HRIS, Purchasing system, intranets, in-house software, and other web-based software. 

A digital adoption platform is designed to be easily accessible and intuitive for users without them ever having to leave their tool. This encourages the best handling of digital tools. 

Digital adoption platform users can:


Characteristics of a digital adoption platform

A digital adoption platform is composed of three main features:




Features of a digital adoption platform

A digital adoption platform features various functionalities:  

Embedded interactive guides


Push notifications



Educational segmentation

Depending on the digital adoption platform, there may be additional features available. 

To further understand the features of the Lemon Learning digital adoption platform, take a look at our pillar page: Digital adoption: the what, how, and why!


What is a digital adoption platform used for?

A digital adoption platform helps accelerate software digital adoption. The software houses the resources and answers to digital and technical issues that commonly stand in the way of digital adoption. 


For example, a digital adoption platform can be used to: 


When a digital adoption platform is implemented: 


Who benefits from digital adoption solutions?

A digital adoption platform is beneficial to any organization implementing a digital transformation, training, onboarding, support, or change management project.

It is particularly relevant to larger organizations looking to scale international deployments (thanks to the multilingual content feature, training can be personalized and customized to the needs of different user profiles). 


Digital adoption platform software is particularly relevant to decision-makers, including:


HRD Purchasing managers

Training managers

Change Management  Innovation Managers


A digital adoption platform is also aimed toward application managers and professionals in charge of implementing digital tools and training to ensure digital adoption:


HRIS Manager ERP Manager
CRM Manager Purchasing IS


The benefits of a digital adoption platform

A digital adoption platform delivers value to companies and their users. 


Benefits of a digital adoption platform for companies.

Companies improve in several areas when implementing a digital adoption platform:

Periodic optimizations over time, ensure the quality and improvement of internal processes.

Once a tool is used correctly, companies can more accurately measure and reduce costs: 

The back office contains various metrics concerning projects, users, training paths, content performance statistics, etc. 


Benefits of a digital adoption platform for users.

A digital adoption platform has positive impacts on the day-to-day functions of users:

 With the Learning by doing methodology, software users can train with full autonomy, at their own pace and in their own time, improving the handling of their tools. 

Users have access to information when they need it and where they need it without ever needing to leave the tool, instantly boosting productivity. 

Digital adoption platforms allow users and authors to communicate directly inside software. A variety of formats can be used to target, schedule, and send information (surveys, questionnaires, news, new features...) to specific users.

A digital adoption platform also facilitates change management. In the long term, it makes it easier for users to handle change, gain confidence in their abilities and accept inevitable digital transformation. 

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