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Digital Workplace

Definition: Digital Workplace 

A Digital Workplace is a cloud software enabling a company to centralize all of its digital applications for remote access anywhere. This centralization facilitates collaboration between employees, regardless of their location or activity within the company.

A Digital Workplace centralizes:

Objectives of a Digital Workplace

A Digital Workplace has four main objectives within a company:


How to use a Digital Workplace 

A Digital Workplace comes in many forms, ranging from communication tools (which look like mailboxes), to shared document folders, to resources that lead to other enterprise software, etc. 

The ‘best’ Digital Workplace meets the needs of a company and its employees. Employees should be at the center of a Digital Workplace. Prioritizing the user experience is therefore essential for a Digital Workplace to be adopted by a company.

Examples of different Digital Workplace solutions

Among the most common Digital Workplace solutions are:

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