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HRIS: definition

A HRIS (Human Resource Information System) combines several software applications to support human resource management activities. Human resources is a function responsible for managing the entire employee life cycle and can be partially or fully automated by a HRIS.

HRISs are the second most sought-after software by companies after ERP (source: Appvizer)

The software allows companies to continually run and track various HR activities including:



Objectives of an HRIS

A HRIS affects all departments of a company through the range of functionalities it offers, but also harmonizes and simplifies several processes at once. Below are six HRIS objectives that justify its success:


How to use an HRIS

A HRIS is used differently depending on the role or career path of each employee within the company. The software is composed of two major parts, for two different populations.

Administrative management. HR teams are able to stay on top of administrative management activities, saving time for more complex tasks.

Employee structure. Using an individual portal space, employees can access and update their personal data.

This software allows employees to bypass time consuming encounters with HR teams, and simplify access to employee data in one place. The added value? Employees have a direct hand in matters that concern them and HR teams have more time for other more complex tasks.


Examples of different HRIS solutions

Several HRIS exist on the market including:







Sopra HR


Smart RH


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