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At Lemon Learning, we put technology at the service of human potential: our solution focuses on helping users simplify daily digital tools. And what we sell, we also practice internally. At Lemon Learning, expect to increase your potential tenfold in a team committed to winning victories quickly, and dedicated to helping you get there (onboarding, training, simulations, etc.). Discover our offers!

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At Lemon Learning, we’re growing rapidly to help simplify the daily lives of millions of software users across the globe. Are you passionate, ambitious, and ready to take on new markets around the world? We’ve got a place for you!

Be Ambitious

Join one of the fastest growing start-ups in the EdTech and Change Management market (2-3X turnover each year since we were founded)! Today, we work with major international organizations and stock market leaders: Chanel, Altran, Aéroports de Paris, Saint-Gobain, and Bouygues Construction, among many others. We owe it all to the dedication of our teams and our customers’ trust in us. Our success comes exclusively from self-funding all our activities and development - zero fundraising to date!


We put the S in SaaS! With service at the heart of our SaaS-based business, we’re fully committed to our clients. We never stop innovating in the features we develop and the service we offer them.

And at Lemon Learning, innovation isn’t just for product developers. Our sales team, engineers, project managers, marketing team… everyone innovates across the board to discover new and better ways to work - both for our clients and for our internal processes. If you like tackling new challenges and having a voice, Lemon Learning is the place for you.

(P.S. We work with clients worldwide, so English is a must around the office!)

3 (more) reasons to join

Never get bored

Join a market leader and contribute to the exponential growth of an ever-evolving solution.

Grow quickly

Lemon Learning is a talent incubator. Quickly build skills and grow your expertise with the opportunity for career progression.

Expand your horizons

Gain international perspective working with well-known and highly-reputable organizations in countries across the world.

Our values

Performers at heart

Simplicity is the name of the game. Lemon Learning is deployed directly in your tools with a simple plugin or JavaScript code, and training of how to use the editor and back office is done in no time. For users, there’s no 50-page manuals to dig through; your users receive easy, step-by-step walkthroughs of the features they’ll use to accomplish their daily tasks.

Building relationships

Lemon Learning adapts to the unique needs of your business and to your existing training programs for blended learning, facilitating efficient and sustainable change management. As both a digital adoption platform and performance support system (ePSS), Lemon Learning helps you measure the ROI of your training campaigns, highlighting usage statistics, success rate, and more.

Independent from the start

Our support teams are with you throughout your project from start to finish to ensure your roll-out goes smoothly. We understand that no two projects are alike, so we offer custom solutions for your unique performance goals.

All with a bit of moxie!

We work with a wide array of users, professions, and industries worldwide, helping organizations launch and adopt cutting-edge tools and resources. This experience has made us experts in guiding change management at a global scale.


Stock market

Stock market-leading clients

1 million+

More than a million users supported each day

20 languages

Available in more than 20 languages

Good to know

Our Paris headquarters is located in the heart of Paris on Boulevard Sébastopol in a classic <i>Haussmann</i>-style building with not one, but two balconies!

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