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11 Best Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs)

What are the best digital adoption platforms (DAPs) to look out for in 2023? Lemon Learning; Applearn; Appcues; Whatfix; Pendo; WalkMe; Userlane; Apty; Spekit; Newired; Toonimo

6 Best Sales Training Software (+ key features)

What are the best Sales training software to look out for in 2022? Lemon Learning; Brainshark; Hubspot; Mindtickle; Edapp; Lessonly by Seismic
How to successfully implement a CRM

How to successfully implement a CRM?

Lemon Learning explains how to successfully implement your CRM in 6 steps.
ERP project what to remember in 2022

ERP project: what to remember in 2022

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning), has been propelled to the forefront during the 2020 health crisis. At the heart of issues such as digital transformation, change management or agility, the implementation of an ERP project can be full of challenges. So what are the best practices? And what lessons can we learn from this very special year?
9 HRIS tools to support the digitalization of HR

9 HRIS tools to support the digitalization of HR

Digital transformation is in its golden age, and it’s clearer than ever that the digitalization of Human Resources is no longer an option. The centralization of data, automation of tasks, and standardization of processes are just a handful of reasons for HR to go digital! But what tools are available to effectively carry out this digitalization?
Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics 365 which CRM to choose

Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics 365: which CRM to choose?

In the article, we break down these questions and answers to help you select the right CRM.
Salesforce appexchange

Lemon Learning is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner

As of August 2022, Lemon Learning is now a Salesforce Appexchange Partner.

Lemon Learning wins the Culture #Innovation award at the IMA's DIMS 2022

On May 12, 2022, Lemon Learning won a trophy in the "Culture #Innovation" category at DIMS 2022, organized by the IMA.
Lemon Learning becomes a technology partner of Club Décision DSI

Lemon Learning becomes a technology partner of Club Décision DSI

In 2022, Lemon Learning joined the Club Décision DSI community for the first time, along with 39 other innovative companies and thousands of IT decision-makers.
Innovative Solution award at IT NIGHT of REPUBLIK IT

Lemon Learning wins the Innovative Solution award at IT NIGHT of REPUBLIK IT

On May 16, 2022, Lemon Learning won the Innovative Solution award at IT NIGHT organized by Republik IT.
Vivatech Challenges 2022

Lemon Learning wins the Future of Work category at Vivatech Startup Challenges award from SAP.IO

On June 18, 2022, Lemon Learning won the Vivatech Startup Challenge award from SAP.IO at the sixth edition of Viva Technology.

The real costs of ERP implementation failure (and how to avoid them!)

Explore some of the most high-profile ERP failures in the last few decades, including what caused them and the financial impact, to help you prevent and avoid them in your industry.

CRM: what a DAP could do for you

Are you selecting a new CRM system? Implementing it across your organization? Training end-users? Or searching for ways to get the most out of your software? We’re here to help.

ERP training: what your end-users want

Managing your transition to the next generation of ERP systems? Start by placing users at the heart of an effective ERP training plan.

How to overcome employee resistance to change

Organizational change itself is not the problem, but rather how the change is implemented. So what can change leaders do to prevent employee resistance to change?



Infographics - Enterprise software: Key figures for 2021

Enterprise software is on the rise, but what do we really know about its implementation? Key figures to expect include: digital transformation in companies, digital transformation objectives, and digitalization challenges.
10 commandments for change management

The 10 commandments for successful change management

After months of intense preparation, you finally deploy new applications... but your teams aren’t using them. Employee resistance, misuse and misinformation: discover 10 commandments for successful change management with Lemon Learning.

Infographics - User Onboarding, Application Support, Digital Adoption: What Digital Transformation Really Costs

CRM, ERP, Procurement tools, HRIS, Intranet… You may be familiar with these software categories, especially if you’ve decided, like many companies in recent years, to equip your organization with them. But at what cost? There are inevitable costs when you deploy new software and train users. But there are also costs that can be reduced or even eliminated (news that should delight your colleagues in the Purchasing Department and the CFO!).

10 Tips to Boost Digital Tool Adoption

You’ve got it all: CRM, ERP, HRIS, intranet, platforms for collaboration… You’ve launched all manner of new tools to streamline processes, improve teamwork, and make tasks less time-consuming for your teams. And yet, as intuitive as they are, these tools are generating a lot of support tickets for your internal teams. Worse still, some team members still don’t use them.

White Papers


The Ultimate Guide to Procurement Digital Transformation

Taking the leap to essential Procurement digital transformation? Unsure where to start? Use our in-depth guide to support your project through every stage leading up to deployment and beyond!

Whitepaper: A Practical Guide to Successful Change Management

Deploying new software, setting up a new organization or digitizing processes: how can you get your employees to support your project? Find out in 10 practical steps


Discover Lemon Learning for Sage

Guide users through any of the Sage Cloud solutions with in-app walkthroughs. Use an integrated library of in-app guides to empower users with real-time support, whenever they need it.

Discover Lemon Learning for Infor

Enhance Infor software adoption and the Time to value your solutions with in-app guidance

Discover Lemon Learning for Cornerstone

Leverage Cornerstone Cloud solutions to increase business agility using step-by-step, self-guided support.

Discover Lemon Learning for Coupa

Empower users and increase team productivity with in-app features designed to support user adoption.

Discover Lemon Learning for Synertrade

Streamline the process efficiency of Synertrade with in-app guidance
Drive Instant Adoption of SAP

Discover Lemon Learning for SAP

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of SAP tools: SAP S/4 HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, etc.

Discover Lemon Learning for Zendesk

Simplify and accelerate your team's mastery of Zendesk thanks to comprehensive Lemon Learning guides, accessible on-demand.

Discover Lemon Learning for SharePoint

Accelerate user adoption on SharePoint with intuitive, easy to use training paths that guide your teams.

Discover Lemon Learning for ServiceNow

Guide your users step-by-step through ServiceNow with fully-integrated guides directly inside the platform for streamlined, efficient understanding of every feature.
Screen Header Oracle (EN)

Discover Lemon Learning for Oracle

Lemon Learning offers you complete support on all your Oracle solutions: Human Capital Management Cloud, Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Supply Chain Management Cloud, etc.

Discover Lemon Learning for Microsoft Office 365

Improve your team's use of Microsoft Office 365 with step-by-step guides using Lemon Learning!

Discover Lemon Learning for Ivalua

Guide users in real-time to improve the user adoption of Ivalua and increase productivity. Thanks to integrated, step-by-step guides, users master all their sourcing and procurement features quickly and independently.

Discover Lemon Learning for Dynamics 365

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of Dynamics 365 tools: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Talent...

Discover Lemon Learning for G Suite

Google Drive, Agenda, Gmail, Meet... use interactive learning guides within all your G Suite tools with Lemon Learning

Discover Lemon Learning for Salesforce

Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud: accelerate user adoption of Salesforce tools with Lemon Learning !



Change management in software adoption

In business, the only certainty is change. Whether internal or external, recruitment, restructuring, transformation, or innovation, your stakeholders need guidance throughout the journey.

What is Digital Adoption and How can it accelerate Digital transformation?

Consider digital adoption, the GPS to your digital transformation journey.

Case Studies

Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction Case Study

Bouygues Construction chose Lemon Learning to optimize user adoption of their internal CRM tool
Randstad & Lemon Learning

Randstad Case Study

Randstad equips 4500 employees to accelerate the adoption of its digital tools with Lemon Learning. Initially launched on the Google suite, the collaboration with Lemon Learning continued on 2 new projects.
DPD & Lemon Learning

DPD Case Study

DPD accelerates the adoption of its HRMS with Lemon Learning. Result: support requests reduced by nearly 70% thanks to interactive guides integrated into the user tool.
Altran & Lemon Learning

Altran Case Study

Altran is preparing the evolution of its HRMS portal by supporting its employees with Lemon Learning. The challenge for the group is to deploy large-scale content to support employees across all departments.
Nexity & Lemon Learning

Nexity Case Study

Nexity supports the adoption of a new ticketing tool thanks to Lemon Learning. The strength of Lemon Learning for Nexity? The communication directly integrated to the users' software.