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Overcome the challenges of ERP implementation once and for all

A traditional ERP is simply incompatible with remote capabilities and a menace to efficiency. So why train new users on a tool that's fast becoming obsolete? To be a workplace of the future is the ability to activate users anywhere, especially in times of crisis.

What is self service support and why is it important?

Including self-service in your combination of business support is essential to being both a digital workplace and a sustainable workplace of the future. Digital self-service is now commonplace in most aspects of modern living, from the way people shop, eat, travel, and consume, so why not in the way we work?

Recurring CRM adoption challenges (and how to solve them)

A CRM is the swiss army knife of customer relationship management. Yet, almost 50% of CRM projects fail due to slow user adoption.

How to determine & improve software application ROI in 2022

Post covid, business ecosystems are experiencing a complete overhaul in the way they work - both physically and digitally. So why not transform the criteria used to measure ROI in 2022?

HRIS implementation: 5 challenges of software adoption

Cornerstone, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday? Cloud-based, Saas, or self-hosted? Whatever HRIS or format you choose, requires overcoming the challenges of software adoption.

Digital adoption: The secret to successful procurement

Today, is digital transformation enough for successful procurement? Does it foolproof your processes? And does it prove the added value of procurement solutions?
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