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The real costs of ERP implementation failure (and how to avoid them!)

Explore some of the most high-profile ERP failures in the last few decades, including what caused them and the financial impact, to help you prevent and avoid them in your industry.

CRM: what a DAP could do for you

Are you selecting a new CRM system? Implementing it across your organization? Training end-users? Or searching for ways to get the most out of your software? We’re here to help.

ERP training: what your end-users want

Managing your transition to the next generation of ERP systems? Start by placing users at the heart of an effective ERP training plan.

How to overcome employee resistance to change

Organizational change itself is not the problem, but rather how the change is implemented. So what can change leaders do to prevent employee resistance to change?

Workplaces of the future: why is adaptive learning necessary in 2022

Are you exploring the benefits adaptive learning could bring to your business training? When the only constant is change, your employees need the ability to train alongside the changes taking place in their organization, whether it be new software, new processes, or a transition to a new role.

Overcome the challenges of ERP implementation once and for all

A traditional ERP is simply incompatible with remote capabilities and a menace to efficiency. So why train new users on a tool that's fast becoming obsolete? To be a workplace of the future is the ability to activate users anywhere, especially in times of crisis.
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