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How to determine & improve software application ROI in 2022

Post covid, business ecosystems are experiencing a complete overhaul in the way they work - both physically and digitally. So why not transform the criteria used to measure ROI in 2022?

Recurring CRM adoption challenges (and how to solve them)

A CRM is the swiss army knife of customer relationship management. Yet, almost 50% of CRM projects fail due to slow user adoption.

Top tips for HRIS training and engagement

Are you getting the most out of your HRIS? With the right HRIS training you can engage your entire workforce, save time, create accountability, streamline functions, increase ROI and ultimately cut costs long term.

What is self service support and why is it important?

Including self-service in your combination of business support is essential to being both a digital workplace and a sustainable workplace of the future. Digital self-service is now commonplace in most aspects of modern living, from the way people shop, eat, travel, and consume, so why not in the way we work?

How to maximize Salesforce training and gain instant buy-in from your Sales, Marketing & Customer Success Teams

It's been labeled the holy grail of CRMs, providing effective centralization, scalable functions, and endless customizations to meet the individual needs of businesses. So why do one third of CRM projects still fail?

SAP SuccessFactors: what's standing in the way of user adoption?

Implemented correctly, a HRIS, HCM, or HRMS is a strategic and cost-saving investment that can streamline numerous HR functions. We're going to break down some common and less considered challenges standing in the way of user adoption
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