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All our supported solutions

More and more software is switching to SAAS mode, with ever more advanced and innovative features, which are sometimes difficult to master for their users.

Lemon Learning empowers your users on their everyday tools and accelerates user adoption by integrating directly in your applications, whether market-leading tools or unique solutions developed in-house.

Lemon Learning for your CRM applications

Learn how Lemon Learning guides your users through all the features of your customer relationship management tools and
adapts to your specific processes.

Lemon Learning for your HRIS applications

Lemon Learning supports your users across all your HRIS solutions with contextualized guides that can be accessed at any time. Find out how our solution integrates with your software.

Lemon Learning for your ERP applications

Lemon Learning's guides simplify your accounting, sales and HR management thanks to tailored support and 24/7 available walkthroughs.
Find out more about the ERP solutions we are integrated in.


All our supported solutions

Lemon Learning is also available for a large number of market-leading tools such as G Suite, Office 365, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Ivalua...
and even proprietary solutions.

All in-house tools

Lemon Learning is available for all your proprietary tools accessible by a web browser: CRM, ERP, HR systems, procurement tools, e-catalogs, messaging apps, video recruitment platforms, training portals, etc.