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Optimize user experience on Cornerstone With Lemon Learning

Improve software usage with IN-app walkthroughs

Support users with in-app guided walkthroughs of any Cornerstone solution and its many features, in just a few clicks. Accelerate training with interactive content and a ‘learning by doing’ methodology designed to boost adoption.

Track software usage to improve user learning paths

Track user progress with ease using Lemon Analytics. Assess user interactions and content performance to identify pain points, and actively resolve them. Leverage the analytics to personalize training programs and anticipate potential problems before they happen

INteract with users anywhere within the cornerstone solutions

Interact with users anywhere within the Cornerstone solution platforms. Target company-wide or specific users with customizable pop-ups, push notifications, or Tooltips according to the page, task, or user profile.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of CORNERSTONE tools:

Cornerstone OnDemand Cloud

Accelerate training based on the needs of your employees and boost people development with various HR management applications, whether it concerns recruiting, training, or managing employees.m

Learning Management System Cloud

Leverage machine learning to facilitate a culture of learning driven by data and learning insights. Create, implement and track e-learning or training programs across your organization in the Cloud application.

Human Capital Management Cloud

With the HCM Cloud application, streamline your workforce acquisition, management, and performance while tracking progress with easy analytics.


Cornerstone is a leading Cloud-based talent management system. The TMS helps companies worldwide with their recruiting, training, management, and collaboration needs with solutions including Cornerstone OnDemand, Learning Management System, and Human Capital Management. Cornerstone is an expert in learning, covering an extensive range of solutions in Compliance, Development, Transformation, Partner & Customer Learning.

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Lemon Learning, a best-of-breed digital adoption tool for all your applications

your team’s experience on their everyday tools thanks to interactive guides and push notifications
create and update
customizable training pathways in just a few clicks
how your users interact with your content through an easy-to-use dashboard and analytics