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Get teams up to speed with G Suite With Lemon Learning

Help users master G Suite's features in just a few clicks

Train your team on all the tools and tricks G Suite has to offer, at just a click of a button. Thanks to interactive guides, your users will learn how to take advantage of all the Suite’s features and processes to save time and optimize productivity. Lemon Learning offers GPS navigation of the tools, integrated directly where users are working. Plus, send push notifications on specific pages or display tooltips automatically without needing to launch a guide.

Simplify THE use of G Suite thanks to on-demand content

Not sure how to use a feature of the Google suite? There’s no need to leave the platform to find answers: Lemon Learning integrates directly in the suite of tools to guide users step by step through everything from restoring emails in Gmail, sharing files in Drive, or updating a Calendar. Guide content is available in just 2 clicks! 

Support users when and where they need it

Your team doesn’t need to attend training sessions to master all the features of G Suite. With Lemon Learning, content and tips are always available right in their tools to help users get up to speed and take advantage of all of the Google suite’s powerful features, quickly and independently.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of G SUITE tools:

Google Drive

Centralize folders and files in the Google cloud to collaborate from anywhere and on any device - smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Drive offers a full office suite including word processing (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), presentations (Google Slides), and even surveys and forms (Google Forms). 


Access your email inbox simply and securely, from any browser or device.

Google Calendar

Plan and schedule your events in just a few clicks. Easily share calendars, see colleagues’ availability, and more. 

Google Hangouts Chat

Collaborate efficiently and easily thanks to instant messaging and group conversations.

Google Hangouts Meet

Simplify video conferencing to easily communicate with members of your team, or collaborators from outside your organization.

To go further...

Lemon Learning for G Suite includes 60+ READY-MADE CONTENT GUIDES to provide even easier access to complete, turnkey content guides.
Discover the Gmail interface
Automatically transfer emails
Import files and folders in Drive
Create a calendar for a shared space
Merge contacts
And a lot more!
And a lot more!
And a lot more!
And a lot more!
And a lot more!

What is G SUITE ?

G Suite, formerly Google Apps, is an integrated suite of collaborative tools for individuals and enterprises. The suite facilitates a wide array of functionalities: communicate, create, store, and manage, all from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Lemon Learning, a three-in-one tool for better adoption of your applications

users at every level of your organization with interactive walkthroughs and push notifications
custom content in just a few clicks for personalized user experience
your content, projects and users through a self-explanatory dashboard and analytics