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Increase business agility using Infor With Lemon Learning


Lemon Learning on-demand content is available whenever and wherever it's needed. Equip users with real-time access to guides and tips to support their use of new, updated, and existing features to reduce skills obsolescence. With autonomous in-app learning, you can significantly increase the Time to Value of your software.


Facilitate seamless learning experiences with adaptive learning. Use customized learning paths of interactive guides to address the unique pain points of different users. As a result, the learning process is more efficient, effective, and focused.

Reduce support costs  with in-app support

Thanks to in-app, embedded support, users can answer most level 1 and 2 requests with autonomy, using localized and contextualized content. As a result, the reduction in low-level requests gives support teams more time to process complex tasks, leading to an overall reduction in support costs.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of INFOR tools:

Infor EAM

Gain greater visibility with the help of enterprise asset management for better capital spending decisions. Save time and reduce operating costs by optimizing maintenance resources, improving staff productivity, increasing inventory efficiency, and more.

Infor M3

 Increase your business agility with a powerful cloud-based ERP system. Global manufacturers and distributors with mixed-mode and complex value chains can respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory and costs.

Infor LN

Automate and simplify discrete manufacturing operations, both on-site and in the cloud. Increase visibility for faster customer and supplier response times. Leverage key capabilities, including advanced analytics, demand-driven supply chain, project life cycle management, and more.

What is INFOR ?

Infor is a leading global provider of multi-tenant ERP and SMB Cloud software solutions targeting specific industry needs. Infor Cloud offers over 90 products, ranging from entire Cloud suites for Aerospace & Defense, Corporate, Food & Beverage, and Healthcare industries to human resource, learning management, and workforce management software.

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Lemon Learning, an all-in-one tool for cross-organization productivity

Sage training with in-app, real-time walkthroughs
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