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Train Moodle users in just a few clicks

With Lemon Learning, users can access training content without ever needing to leave the Moodle platform, benefitting from in-the-moment guidance through every feature. Training and tips are integrated directly within Moodle, offering better retention and more rapid onboarding.

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Guide users through every feature

Interactive content empowers your team to master various features as they use them in real-life situations. Accessible from a library of guides, Lemon Learning guides are simple and engaging, promoting better retention of key information.

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Communicate with users directly in Moodle

Announce new features, new guides, updates, welcome messages, and more with push notifications and automatic tooltips. Display key information to specific users, placed wherever you like within Moodle.

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Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of MOODLE tools:

Moodle Site Management

Site administrators can securely manage users and courses, modify settings, and manage servers.

Moodle Course Management

Instructors can edit all course settings, and organize courses by category, format, and activity.

Content Management

Import or export digital content of your choice, easily: images, videos, integrated content, etc.

What is MOODLE ?

Launched in 2002, Moodle is an e-learning platform which facilitates engagement between instructors and students through educational content. Create tailored learning environments through a flexible, customizable solution. 

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Lemon Learning, an all-in-one resource to jumpstart digital adoption of your tools

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