Optimize the use of Oracle With Lemon Learning

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Accelerate adoption of Oracle

Guide users through Oracle’s many features in just a few clicks. Lemon Learning’s easy, engaging content is integrated directly in the cloud for rapid, independent user onboarding.

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Boost user efficiency

Lemon Learning’s powerful features simplify your users’ daily tasks, supporting field auto-fill and auto-correction, and reducing data entry errors. Thanks to easily-accessible interactive content, users are guided step by step through Oracle’s cloud features.

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Interact with users

Whether you’re announcing new cloud features or communicating company news, Lemon Learning helps you interact with the users of your choice with push notifications and tooltips places anywhere you like in the Oracle platform.

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Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of ORACLE tools:

Entreprise Resource Planning Cloud

The ERP Cloud is a suite of applications dedicated to finance, project management, and risk management.

Human Capital Management Cloud

With the HCM Cloud, manage candidates, optimize employee experience, reward your team, and boost engagement. 

Supply Chain Management Cloud

Manage your supply chain according to new market needs, including reducing product lifecycle, demand fluctuations, new regulations, etc.

Analytics Cloud

Merge Big Data with business intelligence to make data-driven decisions and explore new business opportunities.

What is ORACLE ?

Oracle is a leading software firm with database management at its core. Oracle’s many tools include an ERP, human capital management, performance management, supply chain tools, and more. Oracle’s cloud solutions offer the most extensive advanced applications and services in the market. 

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Lemon Learning, an applied GPS for enhanced adoption of digital tools

your team’s experience on their everyday tools thanks to interactive guides and push notifications
context-based, tailored content through an easy-to-use editing platform
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