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Accelerate user adoption on Sage With Lemon Learning

empower users  with real time learning

The Lemon Learning direct integration, means users can train while they work! Teams can master any Sage solution and its many features without ever needing to leave the platform. The result? Faster and more efficient training directly inside Sage.  

uncover employee productivity with in-app guides

Actively engage different users with customizable, step-by-step guided walkthroughs to facilitate learning and productivity day-to-day. Whether it's a ERP or HR solution, advance user skills with a 'learning by doing' approach.

consistently communicate  with users directly inside the platform

With Lemon Learning, you can interact with users directly inside Sage. Tool maintenance, new functionality, feature, or learning path? Use Tooltips and push notifications to keep in touch with users anywhere in the Sage solution platforms.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of SAGE tools:


Leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your internal business processes, whether it's in finance (simplifying accounting closing processes), logistics (optimizing inventory management), production (forecasting delivery delays), or R&D (rationalizing product life cycles).


Optimize and simplify HR management within your organization, whether it concerns employee experience, payroll management, or HR management.


Simplify the daily life of your buyers and suppliers by optimizing your internal processes, from sourcing to procurement or payment.


Support business operations in Sage X3 from supply chain to sales, or optimize your sales process in the Sage CRM.

What is SAGE ?

Sage is a leading enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that covers a range of business needs: accounting, payments, HR management, payroll, customer relationship management, and international trade. These needs make up three main Cloud solutions areas: finance, operations, and people management.  The Sage offer is broken down into several products, most of which are accessible from a Cloud environment including: Sage X3, Sage, Intacct, Sage HR, Sage People, etc. Other desktop-based services include: Sage HR Advice Manager, Sage 50 HR, Sage 50 P11D, Sage Advice Director, etc.

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Lemon learning, an all-in-one solution to boost the adoption of your Sage applications

your team members with interactive guides and push notifications, available at the point of need
create and update
Sage training content in just a few clicks
and manage your content for an ever more personalized, relevant support