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Accelerate user adoption on Salesforce With Lemon Learning

Simplify your user experience

Forget 200-page manuals and unwatched training videos. Lemon Learning guides your sales teams right alongside the features they use most. Communicate directly with your users thanks to push notifications to announce new features and news!

Boost efficiency with step-by-step guides

Guides and helpful tips are always available; the Lemon Learning player is linked to all your web applications, for immediate and permanent accessibility. Empower your users to find the answers they need, when they need them, without waiting for formal training sessions.

Support at all hours

Lemon Learning also offers 100+ READY-MADE CONTENT RESOURCES for Salesforce! We give you complete training guides. 

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of SALESFORCE tools:

Sales Cloud

Follow up on leads and clients with key sales features: contact and opportunity management, custom sales campaigns through Salesforce Engage, sales performance management with Work.com, and more. 

Marketing Cloud

Create tailored nurturing programs thanks to Journey Builder, engage social media audiences through Social Studio, and put your user data to work thanks to Audience Studio.

Service Cloud

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce saturation, and encourage cross-selling opportunities thanks to a variety of features: case management, Lightning service console, and more.

To go further...

Lemon Learning also offers 100+ READY-MADE CONTENT RESOURCES for Salesforce! We give you complete training guides. 
Discover Salesforce Lightning
Create a Contact
Create a New Lead
Convert a Lead Into an Opportunity
Create an Opportunity
Create a Report
And much more!
And much more!
And a lot more!


As a global leader in customer relationship management solutions, Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs on the market. Salesforce offers a simple solution for customer relationship management across all sectors (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc.).


With the launch of Lightning Experience in 2015, Salesforce has enhanced its cloud offering and pushed the capabilities of the product suite further across all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet) for a more modern and intuitive user experience.

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Lemon Learning, the all-in-one tool to get your teams up to speed with your applications

your team members with interactive walkthroughs available 24/7
custom content in just a few clicks to guide users through any process of your software
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