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Improve your team's use of ServiceNow With Lemon Learning

Simplify use of ServiceNow with on-demand content

Interactive guides improve user experience on ServiceNow in real time, offering on-demand performance support (ePSS). Thanks to Lemon Learning, users quickly and efficiently take advantage of all of ServiceNow’s features with guide content available when and where they need it.

Guide users through ServiceNow

Lemon Learning supports users as they work, offering context-based tooltips integrated directly in ServiceNow. Easily accessed from a library of guides, engaging interactive content ensures your users gain a robust understanding of ServiceNow’s many features.

Communicate with your team

Interact with ServiceNow users directly inside the platform. Display new information or launch guides from tooltips placed anywhere inside the platform. And send messages at the right time and to the right users with push notifications.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of SERVICENOW tools:

IT Service Management

Centralize all the tools used by your IT team in one simple platform and identify action items thanks to a user-friendly dashboard.

Customer Service Management

Improve customer satisfaction and resolve problems quickly and efficiently thanks to smart routing and automated task assignment.

HR Service Delivery

Give your team the same level of service you offer your clients thanks to a dedicated platform.

Now Platform

Digitize your workflows and increase productivity. The Now Platform App Engine enables you to automate processes and supports business application development.


A cloud solution covering everything from IT support, to security, customer service to human resource management, ServiceNow improves workplace productivity by replacing unstructured processes with intelligent workflows and offering complete visibility over business progress.

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