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Boost your team's adoption of Workday With Lemon Learning

Simplify the user experience in Workday

With Lemon Learning, your team understands and takes full advantage of all the features Workday has to offer. Interactive content is accessed in just a few clicks from the library of guides for quick, easy, and engaging support.

Onboard users quickly with step-by-step guides

Users access training content in just one click, directly inside the Workday platform, enabling faster and easier grasp of the cloud solution’s valuable features, including financial planning, human capital management, reporting and analytics. Save time for both users and internal support teams with independent training.

Support users with the right content at the right time

Thanks to Lemon Learning, users gain immediate understanding of Workday and familiarize themselves with its features in real-life situations accompanied by on-demand guides within the platform. And with push notifications and tooltips, communicate with your team directly where they work.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of WORKDAY tools:

Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud

Manage financial planning processes and facilitate collaborate work.

Workday Revenue Management

Gain a global view of all contracts, billing, recovery, and accounting, all from one central system.

Workday Human Resource Management

Automatically generate job offers and employment contracts, manage benefits, and empower your teams to define their own internal processes.

Payroll Management

Handle payroll simply no matter where in the world you find yourself.

What is WORKDAY ?

Workday is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system dedicated to streamlining financial planning, human resources, and business processes. Workday enables organizations to identify business opportunities and analyze data in real time.

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