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Lemon Learning supports your users on
unique, in-house tools

Many organizations rely on proprietary tools developed in-house for important business needs and internal security processes.

Lemon Learning helps your users master their everyday tools; Lemon Learning accelerates user adoption by integrating directly in your applications - CRM, ERP, HR systems, intranet, industry tools, and even unique solutions developed in-house.

All in-house tools

Lemon Learning is available for all your proprietary tools accessible by a web browser: CRM, ERP, HR systems, procurement tools, e-catalogs, messaging apps, video recruitment platforms, training portals, etc.

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Guide users through their everyday use of your unique customer relationship management tools, from the sales cycle to marketing and customer services. Our interactive content adapts to your processes and the specific features of your CRM.

Learn how Lemon Learning helps 150 users adopt Bouygues Construction’s internal CRM


Simplify your accounting, sales and HR management by guiding users through the features of your internal ERP. Accessible directly inside the platform, Lemon Learning’s guides and tips offer users tailored support at all times.


Lemon Learning integrates directly into your HR management system, adapting to your payroll and benefits management, activities, and performance management. In just a few clicks, users are guided through all the platform’s features, all without bothering your internal support teams.


Whether you need to walk users through new features, explain how to access a variety of applications, or teach your team how to use your intranet’s chat function, Lemon Learning adapts to all your unique needs. Guide content is always available, anywhere in your intranet, no matter where your users are.

Our methodology: Customized solutions

More than just a training tool, Lemon Learning is a methodology and a change management tool to accelerate software adoption. We start from the beginning, understanding our clients’ challenges to empower their users and improve digital adoption across the organization.

Adapting to your in-house tools means adapting to your unique processes, offering complete flexibility in your change management program, and guaranteeing tailored support before, during, and after your project’s deployment.


Support your digital transformation and facilitate the adoption of new processes

Equip your managers as they lead change management

Engage your team members

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Improve efficiency and productivity of your team

Reduce training cost

Evolve with your processes sustainably

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Lemon Learning for your in-house tools is...

Easy to use


Quick to install


Adapted to your internal processes


Easy to manage