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Simplify the use of Zendesk With Lemon Learning

Help users master the Zendesk Suite in just a few clicks

Guide your users through Zendesk features for immediate adoption. From integrated customer service, messaging & live chat to ticketing system software, in-app embedded guides simplify user mastery of their tools.

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MAXMIZE SOFTWARE EFFICIENCY with on-demand content

Create a seamless user experience with Lemon Learning: content is available on-demand, when and where they need it, in real-time. Guides and tips support users on each feature, offering easier, faster, and more independent onboarding.

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Support users when and where they need it

With Lemon Learning, users get up to speed almost immediately, gaining experience and understanding of Zendesk’s features in real-time. Plus, interact directly with your users for new features and alerts thanks to push notifications and tooltips.                                                                                         

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Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of ZENDESK tools:


Follow, prioritize, and resolve helpdesk tickets from clients or team members from a centralized platform.


Empower users to access the knowledge base independently to reduce the frequency of helpdesk tickets.


Communicate with clients easily and in real-time.


Offer phone support your clients need.

What is ZENDESK ?

Zendesk is a customer service platform facilitating the generation of support tickets and communication with clients by phone, chat, email, and other channels. The solution also features Zendesk Sunshine, a CRM platform enabling connection with all your client data. 

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Lemon Learning, a best-of-breed digital adoption platform for all your applications

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