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Simplify the use of Zendesk With Lemon Learning

Help users master the Zendesk Suite in just a few clicks

Users learn how to take advantage of all of Zendesk’s features with just a few clicks, from integrated client services, to live chat, to the call center software. Integrated directly inside the platform and accessible from a library of guides, your custom interactive content guides users step by step through their tasks.

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Improve use of Zendesk with on-demand content

Lemon Learning simplifies and optimizes user experience: the information users need is available when and where they need it. Lemon Learning guides and tips are always available to support users on each feature, offering easier, faster, and more independent onboarding.

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Support users when and where they need it

With Lemon Learning, users get up to speed almost immediately, gaining experience and understanding of Zendesk’s features in real-time. Plus, interact directly with your users for new features and alerts thanks to push notifications and tooltips. 

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Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of ZENDESK tools:


Follow, prioritize, and resolve helpdesk tickets from clients or team members from a centralized platform.


Empower users to access the knowledge base independently to reduce the frequency of helpdesk tickets.


Communicate with clients easily and in real-time.


Offer phone support your clients need.

What is ZENDESK ?

Zendesk is a customer service platform facilitating the generation of support tickets and communication with clients by phone, chat, email, and other channels. The solution also features Zendesk Sunshine, a CRM platform enabling connection with all your client data. 

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Lemon Learning, a best-of-breed digital adoption platform for all your applications

your team members with real time, interactive guides adapted to the unique needs of your users
tailored, evolving content in just a few clicks thanks to our easy-to-use editing platform
and measure your content thanks to a complete overview of your projects on our back-office