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digital adoption user experience

User experience: 3 benefits of digital adoption

Wow, Netflix just added a new custom category to your home page! You're checking out the suggestions, when suddenly... You come across that movie you've been dreaming of watching (yet another movie you missed in the theater)! Does this situation speak to you? Well, this is what we call user experience. In the digital age, when digital tools are becoming more and more important in companies, user experience is essential to successful digital transformation. )
HRIS Onboarding

HRIS Onboarding: how to engage your users from their first use?

HRIS onboarding: how to engage your users from day one?

Infographics - Enterprise software: Key figures for 2021

Enterprise software is on the rise, but what do we really know about its implementation? Key figures to expect include: digital transformation in companies, digital transformation objectives, and digitalization challenges.

5 mistakes to avoid during onboarding training

Employer branding, team performance, employee retention; onboarding training for new hires is one of the most pivotal opportunities and expenses a company can face. Lemon Learning outlined 5 mistakes and exactly how to avoid them, to help you achieve successful onboarding training.
set up a digital workplace

Digital Workplace: 5 steps for a successful implementation

Whether it's to promote collaboration, share digital tools, optimize company performance or improve the digital experience of employees, many companies have opted for the Digital Workplace. But how can you make a successful transition to the Digital Workplace?
10 commandments for change management

The 10 commandments for successful change management

After months of intense preparation, you finally deploy new applications... but your teams aren’t using them. Employee resistance, misuse and misinformation: discover 10 commandments for successful change management with Lemon Learning.
Onboarding e-Procurement

e-Procurement software: everything you need for successful user onboarding

From improving the user experience to adopting e-Procurement solutions, discover how to conduct your user onboarding step-by-step to optimize the performance of your purchasing tools.
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