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11 Best Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs)

What are the best digital adoption platforms (DAPs) to look out for in 2023? Lemon Learning; Applearn; Appcues; Whatfix; Pendo; WalkMe; Userlane; Apty; Spekit; Newired; Toonimo

6 Best Sales Training Software (+ key features)

What are the best Sales training software to look out for in 2022? Lemon Learning; Brainshark; Hubspot; Mindtickle; Edapp; Lessonly by Seismic
How to successfully implement a CRM

How to successfully implement a CRM?

Lemon Learning explains how to successfully implement your CRM in 6 steps.
ERP project what to remember in 2022

ERP project: what to remember in 2022

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning), has been propelled to the forefront during the 2020 health crisis. At the heart of issues such as digital transformation, change management or agility, the implementation of an ERP project can be full of challenges. So what are the best practices? And what lessons can we learn from this very special year?
9 HRIS tools to support the digitalization of HR

9 HRIS tools to support the digitalization of HR

Digital transformation is in its golden age, and it’s clearer than ever that the digitalization of Human Resources is no longer an option. The centralization of data, automation of tasks, and standardization of processes are just a handful of reasons for HR to go digital! But what tools are available to effectively carry out this digitalization?
Salesforce appexchange

Lemon Learning is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner

As of August 2022, Lemon Learning is now a Salesforce Appexchange Partner.
Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics 365 which CRM to choose

Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics 365: which CRM to choose?

In the article, we break down these questions and answers to help you select the right CRM.
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