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Digital Workplace

Workplaces of the future: why is adaptive learning necessary in 2022

Are you exploring the benefits adaptive learning could bring to your business training? When the only constant is change, your employees need the ability to train alongside the changes taking place in their organization, whether it be new software, new processes, or a transition to a new role.
set up a digital workplace

Digital Workplace: 5 steps for a successful implementation

Whether it's to promote collaboration, share digital tools, optimize company performance or improve the digital experience of employees, many companies have opted for the Digital Workplace. But how can you make a successful transition to the Digital Workplace?

Digital Adoption: Why Employee Development Matters

Discover how you can bring value to your customers with employee development. Become a workplace of the future by fostering company-wide digital adoption.

Discover Lemon Learning for Microsoft Office 365

Improve your team's use of Microsoft Office 365 with step-by-step guides using Lemon Learning!

Discover Lemon Learning for G Suite

Google Drive, Agenda, Gmail, Meet... use interactive learning guides within all your G Suite tools with Lemon Learning
Randstad & Lemon Learning

Randstad Case Study

Randstad equips 4500 employees to accelerate the adoption of its digital tools with Lemon Learning. Initially launched on the Google suite, the collaboration with Lemon Learning continued on 2 new projects.