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What is self service support and why is it important?

Including self-service in your combination of business support is essential to being both a digital workplace and a sustainable workplace of the future. Digital self-service is now commonplace in most aspects of modern living, from the way people shop, eat, travel, and consume, so why not in the way we work?
Support IT

Service Desk, Help Desk, Embedded application support: Choosing the right Customer Support Software

Service Desk, Help Desk, Self-Service portal or Embedded Application Support, you probably already know the different types of support to help your users. But do you really know what makes them different? Discover the different types of support available and their characteristics in order to set up the most suitable support for your users' needs.

Support : A Practical Guide to Decreasing Support Requests Durably

User engagement, support accessibility, and support integration into your tools: here are some major keys selected by Lemon Learning to reduce your support requests and costs on the long term.

Digital Adoption: Time to Switch to Self-service Support

You may have already had the impression that your software solutions weren't being used. Spoiler alert: it is more than a mere impression. According to 1E, 28% of software installed on workstations goes unused. So what can you do to foster software adoption in your company? Here’s why you should switch to Self-Service Support and how it can improve your digital adoption!

Discover Lemon Learning for ServiceNow

Guide your users step-by-step through ServiceNow with fully-integrated guides directly inside the platform for streamlined, efficient understanding of every feature.
Nexity & Lemon Learning

Nexity Case Study

Nexity supports the adoption of a new ticketing tool thanks to Lemon Learning. The strength of Lemon Learning for Nexity? The communication directly integrated to the users' software.