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Change Management
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How to successfully implement a CRM

How to successfully implement a CRM?

Lemon Learning explains how to successfully implement your CRM in 6 steps.

How to overcome employee resistance to change

Organizational change itself is not the problem, but rather how the change is implemented. So what can change leaders do to prevent employee resistance to change?

How to implement an ERP in 6 easy steps

Need help implementing your ERP? Diagnosing issues, improving communication, training, or the measurement of ROI? Set up your ERP system in 6 simple steps with Lemon Learning.
set up a digital workplace

Digital Workplace: 5 steps for a successful implementation

Whether it's to promote collaboration, share digital tools, optimize company performance or improve the digital experience of employees, many companies have opted for the Digital Workplace. But how can you make a successful transition to the Digital Workplace?
10 commandments for change management

The 10 commandments for successful change management

After months of intense preparation, you finally deploy new applications... but your teams aren’t using them. Employee resistance, misuse and misinformation: discover 10 commandments for successful change management with Lemon Learning.
software project

Project failure: 5 challenges of digital adoption

On average, companies waste 37% of their software budget (source: 1E). HRIS, CRM, ERP, Purchasing IS, Digital Workplace... Although many software projects have been implemented within companies, few of them have been massively adopted by users.

New software and change management: where to start?

ERP, HRIS, CRM or even purchasing tools: there are countless new software tools that have become essential for companies. Although implementing these new tools is a big challenge, there’s another one just as important: software adoption. So how to help employees master their software tools and actually use them? Here’s how to drive step-by-step software adoption in your company.
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