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Digital Adoption
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How to overcome employee resistance to change

Organizational change itself is not the problem, but rather how the change is implemented. So what can change leaders do to prevent employee resistance to change?

Overcome the challenges of ERP implementation once and for all

A traditional ERP is simply incompatible with remote capabilities and a menace to efficiency. So why train new users on a tool that's fast becoming obsolete? To be a workplace of the future is the ability to activate users anywhere, especially in times of crisis.

Recurring CRM adoption challenges (and how to solve them)

A CRM is the swiss army knife of customer relationship management. Yet, almost 50% of CRM projects fail due to slow user adoption.

SAP SuccessFactors: what's standing in the way of user adoption?

Implemented correctly, a HRIS, HCM, or HRMS is a strategic and cost-saving investment that can streamline numerous HR functions. We're going to break down some common and less considered challenges standing in the way of user adoption

Digital adoption: The secret to successful procurement

Today, is digital transformation enough for successful procurement? Does it foolproof your processes? And does it prove the added value of procurement solutions?

8 keys and tips to improve your procurement process

Is your purchasing department equipped for the challenges coming its way? When the only constant is change, procurement teams must respond with flexibility and agility in the face of disruption.
digital adoption user experience

User experience: 3 benefits of digital adoption

Wow, Netflix just added a new custom category to your home page! You're checking out the suggestions, when suddenly... You come across that movie you've been dreaming of watching (yet another movie you missed in the theater)! Does this situation speak to you? Well, this is what we call user experience. In the digital age, when digital tools are becoming more and more important in companies, user experience is essential to successful digital transformation. )
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