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Digital Transformation
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11 Best Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs)

What are the best digital adoption platforms (DAPs) to look out for in 2023? Lemon Learning; Applearn; Appcues; Whatfix; Pendo; WalkMe; Userlane; Apty; Spekit; Newired; Toonimo

Infographics - Enterprise software: Key figures for 2021

Enterprise software is on the rise, but what do we really know about its implementation? Key figures to expect include: digital transformation in companies, digital transformation objectives, and digitalization challenges.
5 challenges your CIO will face in the next 5 years

Challenges your CIO will face in the next 5 years

Digital transformation, business needs or innovation, Lemon Learning presents the future challenges of the IT sector and explains how to anticipate them today.

Infographics - User Onboarding, Application Support, Digital Adoption: What Digital Transformation Really Costs

CRM, ERP, Procurement tools, HRIS, Intranet… You may be familiar with these software categories, especially if you’ve decided, like many companies in recent years, to equip your organization with them. But at what cost? There are inevitable costs when you deploy new software and train users. But there are also costs that can be reduced or even eliminated (news that should delight your colleagues in the Purchasing Department and the CFO!).

Digital Skills Gap: what are the costs for companies?

At the time of digital transformation, employees’ digital incompetence is a considerable obstacle to the sustainability of companies. Whether financial, operational or human, the cost of digital skills obsolescence is very real.

Why you can’t count on the “intuitive” nature of software

You’ve surely experienced a situation when, happily in the midst of a conversation, suddenly there’s radio silence. What happened to your conversation partner? Here are all the reasons why your users are uninterested in your tools and, of course, what you can do to fix it.