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HRIS Onboarding

HRIS Onboarding: how to engage your users from their first use?

HRIS onboarding: how to engage your users from day one?

5 mistakes to avoid during onboarding training

Employer branding, team performance, employee retention; onboarding training for new hires is one of the most pivotal opportunities and expenses a company can face. Lemon Learning outlined 5 mistakes and exactly how to avoid them, to help you achieve successful onboarding training.
Onboarding e-Procurement

e-Procurement software: everything you need for successful user onboarding

From improving the user experience to adopting e-Procurement solutions, discover how to conduct your user onboarding step-by-step to optimize the performance of your purchasing tools.

Digital Adoption: Why Employee Development Matters

Discover how you can bring value to your customers with employee development. Become a workplace of the future by fostering company-wide digital adoption.

User onboarding: how to increase the Time to Value of your software?

But did you know that onboarding users on digital solutions directly affects your Time to Value? In other words, the quality of your user onboarding is decisive for the adoption of your software: it drastically influences the way your users perceive the added value of your digital tools. More concretely, the better your software will make an impression, the more your users will see the added value and the more they will use it in the long term. Here’s how to optimally conduct your user onboarding to increase your Time To Value and foster sustainable software adoption.