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Boost digital adoption
of your tools at every
level of your organization

Lemon Learning empowers users at every level of your organization to take control of their work: your IT Director and teams, training managers, and all your team members.


of installed software go unused


All your tools

Lemon Learning accelerates digital adoption by integrating directly into your software platforms. Leverage guides compatible with all your tools and applications, whether major market leaders or homegrown internal solutions.

24.2 hours

The average time it takes support teams to respond to internal tickets



Lemon Learning content is always available, enabling your users to access tips and resources at all hours. Relieve your IT teams of their support duties, empowering users to find the answers right where they need them.


of employees say they don’t know where to find the information they need to do their jobs

Dynamic Signal


The number of clicks it takes to access the right content at the right time from a guide library. You can even personalize the training program according to the role, team, or even country of your users.

43 hours

The average time it takes to coordinate in-person training

Chapman Alliance LLC

A few hours

Quickly create content thanks to Lemon Learning’s easy-to-use platform, enabling your users to learn independently and as needed. There’s no need for coding - A few clicks is all it takes to create your interactive content.


The amount of employees who make use of the training they receive at work

24*7 Learning

7-10 times

Benefit from consultation rates 7-10 times higher with Lemon Learning than with off-the-shelf manuals or internal documentation. Users learn on the go, quickly accessing the information they need for a specific task or feature, integrated directly in their tools.

A game-changing solution for...

IT Directors and Teams

  • Decrease demand for support
  • Compatible with all applications (including in-house tools)
  • Simple integration via Javascript code or browser extension

Training Managers

  • Real-time support for your users
  • No technical skills required for content creation or integration
  • Reduce time spent updating content thanks to adaptive guides

Team Members

  • Better digital experience
  • Increased productivity and time saved on daily tools
  • Decreased frustration with software

Business Leaders

  • No more excuses for poorly- or under-utilized software
  • Improve data quality entered by your users
  • Save time spent troubleshooting tools and return to business objectives

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